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13 organized Songs by HalberdMel 13 organized Songs by HalberdMel
Sorry about the long description...
After a while,i didn't feel like doing the alot of them look sloppy.

#1 Xemnas(Nothingness lol)
Played by lenzo
oh lololol Xemnas is like the easiest of the entire group.he has like two attacks and his DM is his only combo.HE SUUUUUUUKS!

Played by Jen(who looks good btw)
Probably the second hardest of the group depending on how you play the game.I can never beat him without getting hit at least twice so he is the bane of my existance on a lvl1 crit mode file.I liked doing the weapon here for some reason but i like how Jen looks here.I havent drawn her in a little while.Ah yes,his DM is kind of crazy and cheap because no matter what mode you play,if you get hit with the entire second part of his attack,it kills you i think.It hits you like a hundred times,and its really easy to get hit when you have teamates on the field but it still looks cool,one of my fav attacks in the game.

Played by Daymen
Saix is the coolest of the group just because the way he talks when you fight him.I love his quotes,the way he screams and chases after you and everything.I like how when he turns berserk all you can do is run.needless to say,hes my favorite :D.His DM is were he strings together all his other attacks in quick succession.Its scary and funny at the same time and you'd think that being far away from him is safe but actually the closer you are to him,the safer you are.

Played by Alastor whos aparently a normal character now...
I like Xaldin because he has this whicked combo as his DM that will just wreck you if you dont see it coming.In the original KH2,hes probably the hardest and dont know why.I've played FM crit too much so i have no idea why hes the hardest in the original but trust me,hes hard(or used to be to me...)

Played by Gabrielle
Not much to say about this dude because hes also one of the easier of the group.He is scary at first because of the time gimmick but its no that bad.His DM is a little strange,he puts cards all over the battle area and he disapears.Then he will pop out of one of the cards that are closest to you and try and hit you with this card attacks.THEN he has you play a final card game with him that if you win,he loses all his time and you can beat him with one more finisher.Now i dont remember what happens if you lose but i think you lose all your time or something.

Played by Brandon
Godamn Damyx in FM because his data fight are really annoying.What he does is,he summons these water clones of himself that if you dont defeat within a timelimit,you lose.He starts the fight with this and his data fight does it i think six times in a row.He will also sometimes do it in middle of you fighting him.Then in FM he does it one last time before he dies i think,and im sure he doesn't have a DM.

#13Roxas(light and dark)
Played by Miaa(She so cute)
Roxas is cool,hes not hard though.You dont fight him in the original KH2.He has some cool move but his DM sucks.Hes a bit unpridictable and thats like the only thing that makes him tricky.Im not going to explain the DM because it sucks >_>.

Played by James
Probably the most memorable member because of how cool he is,or should i say,how hot he is ahurhurhurhur no.Sadly he is one of the easy ones because he is the first member you fight in CoM and KH2 so that sucks.I like his catch phrase "got it memorized" that just sounds cool how he says it.His DM is just a combo thats easy to avoid.He does set the floor on fire the secound time you fight him in KH2 which is cool i guess.

Played by Clover(godamn she looks adorable)
Marluxia is...kinda weird,i dont really like him that much but whatever.He has his own theme so thats cool.In CoM hes the final boss and he has some cheap ass attacks.His second form,he is easier because he doesn't fight like a boss.I've never played RE:CoM so idk if hes better or worse...In FM hes cool because he has some mad combos.When the fight starts,he puts doom on you which mean that if he hits you enough times to make the doom counter go to zero,you die.Most of his attacks go to the doom counter but he does have attacks that deal actual damage.His DM in FM...well he has two of them i guess.the first one is were he turns to kinda a saw and saws throught the ground trying to hit you.His other one is annoying.He'll float above you and have these beams shoot out around you untill he throws his scyth at you that knocks you in the air and then hits you one more time before you can land on the ground...its bs.

Played by Perry
larxenes cool,but i hate her personality.I like how fast she is in FM.She has two DM in FM because she kind of has two forms.The first DM,she tries to combo you with the clones she has with a big finisher.The other DM,she does that one attack hadies does in KH1 but she shoots lightning after you and she also spins faster i think.She also has this cool evil laugh while pulling it off...i kinda miss hearing that on my tv T_T.

Played by Marisa
Vexen is weird,he has these strang laughs and crap.In FM he tries to get data from sora to make a anti clone.I really like the anti sora clone he makes because it has some awsom combos.I think that it will keep hitting you till your health is 1 and then some.Vexen himself is annoying and i dont remember his DM...HAHAHAHAHA.

Played by Bruno
I like how crazy his fight is,i probably have fought him the most out of all the members.His attacks are a little slow and predictible but they take your health to 1 every time when hes fully powered.His DM(i guess)he jumps all the way in the background and comes back to the battle field with a massive earthquake.Then everything explodes,the end,no but you have to see that attack,i can't put it into words it just looks awsome.In CoM,hes a bit annoying...nuff said.

Played by Molly
Finally Zexion.Strange but you probably end up fighting him last.I think everyone and their mothers wanted to know badly what his weapon was and wanted to figure out how he fights and everything.Honestly i dont remember how he fights but his DM is cool from what i can remember(red and blue lights&explotions everywere).

Alright thats what i spent my time doing today so that sucks.I think i need to break up with this girl...because shes strange.We've never been friends but she wants to hook up.I tried to scare her away and im not sure if it worked so tomarrow ima just end it...why am i typing this,ima go play some mother 3 now.
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